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JEDI project aims to study and develop a high quality e-2-e 3DTV for Consumer, with a user centric approach, from stereoscopic as basis, toward multi-view.

Project Abstract

More than evolution, the 3DTV is rather a revolution in the Television domain. 3DTV adoption and deployment can be seen as major step in the Television history, similar to transitions from black & white to colour TV, analogue to digital TV, standard to high definition.

3DTV is not a one shot advent, it is happening in a very moving and open environment, it covers many concepts from 2D + Depth, Stereoscopic to multi-view with fix or interactive free viewpoint, over the "end to end" chain, requiring a range of technologies for methods of production, distribution, and display, leading certainly to different generations of 3DTV in its evolution.

Many initiatives are running worldwide: Hollywood wants to bring its growing library of 3D films showing at the local Cineplex to the living room (probably thanks to Blu-ray 3D in a first step), and the giant Far-East companies are planning to start selling 3DTVs already next year, showing the extreme interest for the huge emerging market expected in the coming 5 to 10 years.

This is the context in which the JEDI project is getting alive with the following main objectives:
1. Acquire an understanding of how 3DTV for consumers will develop and evolve together with the corresponding likely time scale.
2. Study the Multi-View concept, considered as next generation of 3DTV, pointing the potential issues & challenges through the "end to end" chain.
3. Set-up of a high quality end-2-end Stereoscopic chain (IPTV, Cable) as a first step of multi-view, allowing evaluation of quality and acceptance.
4. Adopt user centric approach complementing the technological and business orientation of the project leading to a comprehensive picture of the potentials and the future of 3DTV.