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Main Focus

The scope of the JEDI project covers acquiring an understanding of how 3D will develop and evolve, and the likely timescales over which this will happen, within the broader content and display industries including:

- An overview on “state of the art”, issues & challenges, and standardization status
- Assessing the potential impact of 3D on existing products, the timescale of these impacts and providing guidance on if and how products should be updated to support 3D.
- Set-up of a high quality e-2-e Stereoscopic chain (IPTV, Cable) as a first step of multi-view, for feasibility demonstration allowing evaluation of quality and acceptance.
- Experiment transversal functions such as metadata, switching and substitution, splicing point, logo insertion, EPG & user interface, user creation of content and post-production
- Gaining experience regarding which content works for 3D and which not, and how the 3DTV chain differs from traditional 2DTV and can be compatible with it.
- A strong user centric approach will complement the technological and business orientation of the project and lead to a comprehensive picture on the potentials and future of 3DTV

In addition, the scope includes the study of the Multi-View concept, considered as next generation of 3DTV, pointing the potential issues & challenges through the "end to end" chain such as: capture and synchronisation, compression formats MVC or SVC , taking in account the required bandwidth versus quality, real time coding & decoding, EPG & user interface, inter-devices interfaces, Display and User acceptance.

This would allow partners to have a consolidated view on the evolution of the emerging market, being technically prepared, allowing them to anticipated development of the required products