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Project Structure

The Project JEDI is lead by Pace (France). TThe project is structured in 5 work-packages:
- WP1: "Roadmap & Plans for 3DTV", led by NDS (France).
- WP2: "Content Delivery", led by Alcatel-Lucent (Spain)
- WP3: "3D user experience", led by NXP (France)
- WP4: "Demonstrations & User assessment", led by Barco (Belgium)
- WP5: "Management, dissemination and exploitation", led by Pace (France)

The JEDI project is different on many aspects from other national, Eureka, or FP7 running projects which we are aware of, for the following reasons:
- Jedi studies an end-to-end multi-view 3DTV chain with required quality, including for audio, expected for the next generation of 3DTV, and in this perspective, builds a stereoscopic 3DTV chain tailored for quality of experience and the user acceptance.
- The innovation proposed could be spread over 3 categories: those related to each constitutive elements of the chain: production, distribution, …display, those related to transversal functions such as metadata, User Interface, content insertion … , and also those related to the involvement of the end users and their acceptance.
- Jedi is an Itea2/ Eureka project, therefore close to emerging markets, having "industrial exploitation of results" in short term, as the main priority.

Finally, the JEDI consortium created around the above mentioned objectives is composed of 21 partners (11 from Industry, 3 from Research / Academy, 6 SME and 1 Public Broadcaster), over 3 countries: Belgium, France and Spain.
The consortium includes several World-class European industries and Research Institutes, complemented by Universities, SMEs and a public broadcaster, making it strong, motivated and well balanced.